Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthdays and Jammies

Our sitter, Dorothy, had her birthday on Saturday.  There was talk of doing brunch with her and Megan and her family (Megan and I share Dorothy), but all of the plans fell through.  We didn't get or give her a present last week thinking we might see her on Saturday so we needed to buy one for her before Thursday. 
We were also invited to the double birthday party of our friends Bobby and Kathy when they came to Spencer's party a few weeks ago.  It's on Saturday evening.
Then, on top of that, Spencer was invited to the birthday party of a classmate for Saturday morning. 
We have a pretty busy week, including two morning doctor appointments for me, so I wanted to get all of the birthday gift buying done on Monday.
Elliott and I went to Hobby Lobby as soon as they opened at 9 and bought Dorothy her present.  We got some really cute Halloween decorations that are already wrapped, so I can't show you.
Then we headed to Target to shop for Bobby and Kathy.
I got Kathy a bag of Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee,
and the matching coffee syrup.
I'm also going to bake pumpkin muffins to give to her.  It's a triple pumpkin gift.
Bobby was in an awful, terrible, horrible car accident almost two weeks ago.  He was hit, head-on, while driving on the highway.  The other driver did not survive.  He has a broken spine (in three places), broken legs, a shattered foot and a broken nose.  He is home from the hospital, but will be in a hospital bed at home for a long time.  He has to wear one of those full body braces for his back whenever he does anything but lay flat on his back.  He also has to have surgery on his foot, but the doctors are waiting for the swelling to go down first.
We thought some Superman boxers would be an appropriate gift given the circumstances.
We picked Spencer up from school in the afternoon and headed to Walmart.  Before shopping we stopped at the in-store McDonald's where I ordered "2 small vanilla ice creams, one in a cone and one in a cup".  And then the McDonald's lady acted pissy that I was annoyed and surprised when she tried to hand me two chocolate dipped cones. 
We bought this Superman shooter for Spencer's school friend.  We also got him a monster truck hot wheels.
We were headed to the grocery section to look for canned pumpkin when we made the mistake of checking out the pajamas.  Spencer can always use new pajamas.  He's really hard on his with all the eczema stuff we put on him at night.
And wouldn't you know it.  They had Snoopy Halloween jammies for $6 a pair.
We turned down the AC before dinner so we could do a jammie photo shoot after dinner.  But first Elliott wanted to watch the screensaver slide show on the computer.  He will happily stand there for 20 minutes looking at the pictures.

They are pretty cute, these boys of mine.


I was excited enough about the Halloween jammies, but then I started thinking that up next are Christmas jammies and I got REALLY excited.  And then I got sad thinking that Elliott could wear his Christmas jammies in the hospital for his liver biopsy.
But, I put the thought out of my mind and focused on the baby dancing.
They both like to "play" on mommy and daddy's bed after dinner.  This consists of them walking around on the bed (while we have a heart attack about Elliott falling off every 4.2 seconds) and falling over into the pillows and blankets.
They also like it when we knock them down.


Maryellen said...

Was Michael jealous that you bought boxers for another man? ;) Poor Bobby, that is crazy what he's been through!

I really like the boys' Halloween pj's! Super cute!!

Jeannette said...

Man, kids just love a big bed, don't they? Ellie likes to "go swimming" on our bed. We pretend to splash each other and she practices kicking her legs and blowing bubbles.

Just reading about all the birthdays and store trips made me feel exhausted, but man are those PJs adorable!

Jeannette said...

What's with all the "man"s in my comment? Man, I must be tired. ;)

Cat said...

So sorry about your friend. :-(
Love the PJs.