Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A GOLDEN Birthday Party

Sorry this post has taken me so long to get up.  We spent all day Sunday recovering from the party.  There were dishes to be put away, presents to take out of the packaging (that took 80% of the day) and just general recovery to do.  I uploaded all of the pictures on Monday night but was too tired to actually write the post.  So here we are.  Tuesday.  Let's do it.
I have been buying gold stuff for months.  Hobby Lobby practically had an entire gold Christmas aisle where I got most of it. 
There were gold ball ornaments hanging all over the house.  I am about 70% sold on the idea of leaving them up until after the holidays.

This picture is horrible.  Sorry.

I took Spencer's 6 picture and blew it up into an 8 x 10.  I also had the album with ALL his monthly pictures sitting out but I don't think a single person looked at it.
Of course I had menu items detailed and explained.  On gold paper.

Gold table centerpieces

The party favors were bags of gold candy.  Have you ever noticed how many candies come in gold wrappers?  It's a lot.
My original plan was to take Spencer's picture with all of his guests in front of the gold backdrop and give everyone a copy of their picture with their thank you note.  Ahhh.  How stupid am I?  I got a couple people and then the party immediately got too crazy and he wanted to go play with his friends.  Additionally, I took about 3 pictures and then lost my camera and took some more with my mom's camera, but I did not save them before she left with her camera.  Someday I'll do an addendum post and show you the rest.

Thank goodness for Jeannette.  She is the best party goer and actually utilized the backdrop for it's intended purpose.

This was only about 40% of the presents.
Kids playing in the hallway. 

Adults steering clear of the kids in the hallway. 
Then I declared it was time for the pool. 
This is, by far, the most people to ever be in our pool at the same time. 

I got some sweet jumping off the diving board shots. 

Elliott was so happy when Dorothy, our sitter, arrived.  And then he threw a huge fit when she left.  I also never got a picture of Elliott in his gold shorts.  I really need to hire a photographer for parties.

I look like I'm really short, but they were all on chairs and I was kneeling.  Brenda and Brendan are both pretty tall too. 

The only thing that Spencer really, really wanted for his party was a pinata.  Done and done. 
I bought a mask at Hobby Lobby and blocked the eyes with gold glittery paper. 

My dad was pretty in to it. 

Then it was time for cake,

and cupcakes, 
and cookies.  There were also brownies, but once again, no picture. 

Time for presents. 

The nice thing about having a birthday the day before your son's birthday is that lots of people bring you presents too.  Presents like, a pig wind chime!
It was an awesome party.  It was a huge party too.  We ended up with 48 people.  We have already told Spencer that this is his last big party.  Starting next year he's going to invite like 5 school friends and we'll do swimming and pizza or Jump Street or something like that.  Which doesn't mean that I won't still make his cake, because I probably will. 


k and j said...

Are you kidding me?! The party looked amazing wowowowow. And that cake!!!! Good job momma!

Jeannette said...

I don't know, if I was really the best party goer ever I would've stayed and cleaned your house afterward or at least lit the candles for you.

Next year, you obviously have to make this: http://foodgawker.com/post/2013/01/31/221512/

Seriously though, great party! :)

Sherry said...

Yep, you get the best party planner award! Awesome! I am thinking maybe an adult gold birthday celebration isn't a bad idea after all. Those decorations would be perfect for any age. So when Evan is 27 and Brody is 29 we'll do it! Haha! (Plus we can serve alcohol...score!)

Maryellen said...

You throw the best parties Natalie!! Spencer had a huge smile on his face the entire time. I bet his cheeks were sore on Sunday!!

Cat said...

You are amazing!

Drew Watts said...

Wow!! Such a lovely birthday party. Simply in love with your astonishing arrangements. The shiny golden color is just making this day best and amazing. Have to plan my daughter’s birthday party at one of San Francisco venues. Will have outstanding arrangements for her wonderful day.