Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunglasses, bath and pumpkin

Last week I showed you this picture of Elliott: 
I was re-reading that post a few days later when I looked at that picture again.  It reminded me of a picture that I knew we had of Spencer.  So I went and found it.  And it was actually three pictures.
He was 18 months and 10 days old here. 
They are the same sunglasses that Elliott is wearing too!  If I had tried to keep them and not lose them or break them for 4 years they would have been lost or broken within 6 weeks.  Ha!

Spencer has been fighting a little virus for the last couple of days.  I wouldn't even know he had anything if he didn't have asthma.  He woke up reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly early on Monday morning because he was coughing.  Early, as in 5:30.  As in, 1.5 hours before his normal wake-up time.
He was pretty tired by the time Monday evening rolled around.  We decided the best thing to do was a warm, relaxing bath and then straight to bed.
The candle light was his idea. 
Have you noticed that the internet has just blown up with fall related stuff in the last week?  Fall is all over pinterest, it's creeping into facebook and it's lighting up my email.
I couldn't take it anymore and despite it being 111 degrees I bought 2 cans of pumpkin the other day.  The first can I froze in ice cube trays for pumpkin pie smoothies.  Part of the second can is going to be made into pumpkin pancakes for the kids for breakfast tomorrow.
I can't believe I am tackling such a thing on a Wednesday morning.  Just call me June Cleaver.  
The other half went into this delightfulness. 

 We're beating Starbucks by at least 2.5 weeks.


k and j said...

Ohhh the creamer yum! I am so proud of you doing the whole 30 stuff so successfully!! I have zero willpower :( I've only ever made it five days haha! And you are looking VERY slim. The pics of you lately are shocking! Good job! You amaze me!

Sherry said...

I always love kids in sunglasses. They are so cute when they try to put them on and they are all crooked and wonky on their faces. Haha! I know you are ready for Fall and cooler weather, and I wish I could send you some of our rain and cooler temperatures.

Cat said...

Pumpkin pie smoothies?!?! Why do I not know about these? Recipe please???