Friday, August 16, 2013

20 Months

20 Months
August 16, 2013
The official 20 month picture
 I'm done with headings for the monthly updates.  I got bored of them last month and now I don't feel like going back.  I'm just going to do whatever I want for the next 4 months.  And after that I'm not doing monthly updates anymore.  I'm not quite sure how we got to this point considering I announced my pregnancy *about* 10 days ago.
Anyway.  I wanted to take a picture of Elliott in a swing as a comparison to his 8 months picture from last August.
Elliott.  8 months. 
I hardly even remember this little peanut, although it seriously feels like we took this picture last week.
He was not having it though and every time I took his picture he would say NO, NO, NO.  He just wanted to swing, uninterrupted. 
Our neighbors are having their roof redone and the workmen were visible from our backyard and very, very noisy.  Elliott was intrigued.

Elliott is still very into reading and books.  He likes individual reading though and has no tolerance for group story times.  I think we'll try doing the library and Barnes and Noble story times around his 2nd birthday. 
Speaking of his second birthday, I actually bought something for his party this past week.  We were at the Dollar Store buying something for the bathroom remodeling and found the perfect accessory for the Dinosaur Party.  I can't wait to show you.  In 4 months.
I thought for sure he was going to wean himself this week.  He refused to nurse for 2 days.  But, tonight, he was all about it.  I am still maintaining my current plan.  I will offer and if he refuses he refuses.  I am OK with him weaning at this point.
Elliott's communication skills grow every day.  He can follow 2-step directions like, "go to your room and get your shoes so we can go".  In fact, if he hears us even mention the word "go" he will go around the house rounding up shoes and shoving them at us.  He will bring shoes to us and demand to go, even if we're not preparing to leave.  He seems to be all about shoes.
Elliott is starting to really develop his play skills.  He can sit and play with things for longer amounts of time and he is showing very early imagination skills in his actions. 
We had an appointment with his epileptologist a few weeks ago.  We needed a new report saying he was fine since his previous report that said he was fine wasn't good enough for the insurance company that rejected him for life insurance.
It was a great appointment and we have a letter and a new report, both saying he is fine.
We have 1 more month until his next blood draw and hepatology appointment.  I'm already nervous.
Elliott loves music and he will do the hand actions for The Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You're Happy and You Know It.  That's what he's doing here.
He is absolutely fearless in the water, which is absolutely terrifying.  He will jump off the side, he will swim in between two adults and he will hurl himself off the step because he likes going under water.
Every once in a while he will wake up in the morning totally bone dry and then will pee and pee and pee once we change his diaper.  It's a very early sign of potty training- being able to hold urine for a long time (like 11 hours).
He counts to three, but skips one and starts at two.  This is usually when he is about to jump in the pool.  He knows the color blue.  He knows how to point to eyes, nose, mouth, hair, ears, belly button and toes.  He will label eyes and nose.
He drives me bonkers every single day with his insistance on pulling things down and out and throwing them on the floor.  He'll pull towels off of hooks, bathing suits off the side of the tub, clothes out of drawers.  And everything gets thrown on the floor.  It makes me crazy.
We are finally to the point that our bedtime routine rocks.  I read a book, nurse, rock for 2 minutes, lay him on the bed, sit in the chair for 2 minutes and then leave them room.  It is amazing.  We have so much time to ourselves at night!
If anybody is still reading, wow!, you are a true fan.  I really do these for my own record, but it's nice that people are interested.  People besides grandmas.


grandma/papa said...

He is just one special little boy.Especially for what he went through the weeks after he was born. Elliott is such a bundle of joy.We love him so much.

Jeannette said...

So stinking cute and smart! Love the "whatchu doin?" faces when he was watching the workers.

Also, I know you really want Fall to get here, but you might be fast forwarding time too much. Your ticker says 2 days until Thanksgiving. If it's 108 in November, I'm moving.

Natalie said...

Actually, there are 102 days left until Thanksgiving. I am cheap and using the free version of the widgets. Since I won't pay for it they insist on covering the countdowns with ads and the ad button blocks the first digit. I tried for a long time to make the widget bigger or to get rid of that X, but I can't figure it out. So, the 1 is there, you just can't read it. Which is frustrating, but not enough to make me pay for it.

Sherry said...

Elliott, you are just getting so big and have a very fun personality. I have been so slack on writing about Brody's progress lately, and I feel so bad about it. He has been changing so much in the last few months, and I am afraid I am going to forget all of those cute little things he is doing now. *Sigh* I just can't seem to organize my thoughts enough to write a post.

Valerie said...

When did our boys hit 20 months? I still can't believe it. Nice to know that he and Oliver really are the same baby, thousands of miles apart.

Cat said...

Love the pics!