Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up Part I

Elliott's 19 month post forced itself right in the middle of my summer storytelling.  It had to be done though.  Because I'm the boss of this blog.
We are journeying all the way back to Monday, July 8th.  Can you feel it?  It was the day after my parents anniversary party.  We were still in Tucson.  Michael took the kids to the splash pad for Splash Pad Monday. 


My mom wanted me to take pictures of the flower arrangements from the party because they were expensive and pretty.

We left in the afternoon and Elliott napped in the car on the way home.  We had been there for 4 nights, which is double what we usually spend.
Ginger was not happy about leaving my parents.  She loves them and their house. 
She pouted all evening.
We had eaten a big lunch of party leftovers around 1:00, so nobody was that hungry for dinner.  We ended up having frozen yogurt parfaits- a little bit of frozen yogurt, a little bit of granola and a lot of fresh berries and banana slices.

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and then I went to breakfast and the movies with Maryellen.  I had thought I was going to work that day so I had our sitter for the whole day and when I found out I didn't have to work I wanted to make good use of my time.  It was really fun.
Michael bought baseball tickets months ago thinking he would be home on Tuesday, like he usually is.  Then he took Monday off instead and had to work on Tuesday.  He didn't want to drive all the way home to pick up Spencer, so we all met in downtown for dinner before the game.
Then Spencer and Michael went to the game,
and Elliott and I went to Lowe's.
I want to re-do the hallway bathroom.  I have $980 saved.  According to my dad's calculations I am about $980 short.
Isn't this counter pretty?
For Something Awesome Wednesday we went to an indoor playground called Makutu's Island.  Michael and I have talked about taking Spencer here since he was 2 1/2.
Better late than never. 

Elliott and I didn't see Spencer a lot while we were there.  He was up in the tubes and climbing all around where we couldn't go....Elliott being too young and me being too old.

Spencer got photobombed.

On Thursday we went to Target.  I am pretty obsessed with the Hulk masks.  I need to buy one for the kids soon. 

On Friday we went back to Tucson again.  Michael had already changed his days off and taken some vacation days in the past month so he didn't want to leave early.  So for the first time in Elliott's life we drove down at a non-nap time and didn't expect him to sleep at all.
To deal with the inevitable fussing we stopped at the almost half way point and ate dinner at the Cracker Barrell.  This little game kept Elliott busy for a long time.

And then we were back in Tucson.  And Ginger took a nap IN Michael's clothes bag.
On Saturday we went to my grandma's house.  I hadn't been there since about a month before Elliott was born.  I'm going to be writing a whole post about it. Soon. Very soon.


k and j said...

Ahh I love you blog! I can't keep up with commenting though! You are always on a roll :) we have the hulk mask and it has provided endless fun, seriously! We love that thing. We also have the fists haha.

Tracy said...

The Cracker Barrel is such a great place to stop on a road trip! I love your boys' swimsuits! Too cute!

Sherry said...

Yes, apparently you and Tracy both love Cracker Barrel when traveling. I am so glad that you all have enjoyed a fun summer, but I am a little sad that Spencer's summer is ending so soon especially knowing how fast this year is going to go. He'll be in first grade before you can blink! That Elliott in that Hulk mask...hilarious! Looks like he is looking through the mouth hole instead of the eye holes. Haha! That counter top is gorgeous...please share when you do get to move on the bathroom renovations! :-)