Friday, October 29, 2010

School Party/Halloween Sneak Peak

Spencer's pre-school had a Halloween party this morning. He doesn't usually go to school on Friday but we thought 3 year olds in costumes sounded like a good time, so off we went.

Could the glare from the contruction worker's vest be causing more corneal damage? This picture is hard to look at. My apologies.

We decided a long time ago that Spencer would be Mickey Mouse for Halloween. I was going to make his costume (i.e. glue some white buttons on some red shorts, buy him a black t-shirt and wear some mouse ears), then Megan told us about these costumes at the Disney Store. By the time we went it was 50% off. We bought it for $15. Score! They did trunk or treating. Spencer walked around with the little girl dressed like Minnie. A match made in heaven.

The teacher let each kid pick one treat from their loot. Spencer actually picked pretzels. What? No way that's my son.
The school rented a bounce house for the day. It was Spencer's 1st time in one of those. He loved it.

And then he overheated. And we had to take the stuffed, blanket-like costume off. Only in Phoenix can you not even wear your costume 2 days before Halloween without suffering hyperthermia.I think every one of these kids could have used a cold IV because once they came inside they all ditched their costumes and enjoyed a nice, cold juice box. I kind of wanted to ask for one too. Then Spencer was given a cupcake.
Then he was given a plate that contained cheetos, a jelly filled donut, a cookie, fruit snacks and a box of raisins. All the components of a healthy treat. I hope this is not a "typical" morning snack in his class. Shockingly, Spencer did sleep for 2 hours this afternoon.This is Mr. Todd. He owns the school. He's pretty much the only reason Spencer likes going to school. Mr. Todd and his wife were on a fabulous European trip for their anniversary last week. Spencer pretty much sulked until he came back to work.I looked at this picture after I cropped/zoomed it and mentioned to Michael that I think I need to start using some sort of eye cream. I'm looking a little saggy and wrinkly. Any suggestions? Saturday will find us at an open house at My Gym and then Joshua and Amy's annual Halloween party. I'm taking pumpkin whoopie pies and chocolate mud cups.

Sunday is, of course, Halloween.

Monday I'll take anything ghost, witch or black cat related down and put all my turkeys up.

There's so much to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

I am *also* making pumpkin whoopies today! Love Spencer's costume, but I'm really disturbed as to why Minnie was not wearing mouse ears??

Team Eliza said...

1. Spencer's costume is precious . . . love the white gloves!

2. Pumpkin whoopie pies . . . I so wished I lived closer to you . . . . that sounds delicious!

3. I personally don't think you need it but as far as wrinkle/eye cream goes . . . I have tried quite a few . . . in every price range. I one I like best and have used for quite awhile is Olay Regenerist (sp?)for night time. It works pretty well, won't break the bank and you can pick it up at Wal - Mart or Target!

Megan said...

I'm kind of wishing Haddie was going to be Minnie and not Mickey so she could look so cute with Specncer too! Oh well next year right?

Maryellen said...

Halloween fun. I love it. By the way, if you ever say you need eye cream again I'll slug you. I'd sell John for your smooth skin.

Cat said...

Cute costume and you look great too!