Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Weekend

I love blogging about the previous weekend when it is almost Wednesday. My weekend starts at 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon so it's only appropriate. That sentence makes little to no sense, but I'm not going to change it because, well, I'm lazy.

Three weekends ago we were in Pinetop. Two weekends ago I went to a funeral on Friday night, drove to Tucson for a bridal shower on Saturday, came right back and had Spencer's birthday party on Sunday. We were really looking forward to a relaxing, stay at home weekend for a change. Didn't really happen.

On Friday night we went to a birthday party at Kathy's house. (She is our friend Brendan's sister) Spencer delighted in eating this cupcake cone. We also found ourselves quite the little mother's helper in Miss Brittany. We just sat around all night eating and drinking and being merry and let Brittany chase Spencer. It was a win-win-win.

Let's critique this shot. I have fat face and am way too booby. Brendan has a head growing out of his shoulder. Spencer isn't looking. Great pic.The non-looking kid is gone, the extra head is gone, the boobs are gone. Fat face, sadly, remains.After Spencer went to bed at 11:30 pm (yes, we are those parents) we all enjoyed a nice sleeping in, lounging morning. Then we went to brunch/lunch at Megan's house. Spencer and Michael went swimming while I demonstrated my amazing ability to get food in and out of an oven that has a door that doesn't open all the way. It was dangerously thrilling.

Sorry. No pictures. It's that lazy thing again- I didn't take any.

After brunch/lunch/swimming/mad oven door skills we went and met about 87 people for frozen yogurt and splash pad time. A bunch of ladies I used to work with (and people they worked with after I left) are getting together for monthly meetings of fun and gossip. This was the meeting for September. Families were included this time. I'm hosting pumpkin carving for October. Again, my apologies to Lauren for stealing your planning.

We were supposed to take Spencer in for his 3 year old pictures on Sunday morning. He scratched his nose on Friday and then scratched it again on Saturday so I decided to scrap the whole thing and make him wear padded gloves for the next week.
I'm glad I rescheduled, because I would have been annoyed by these scabs for the rest of my life if they ended up in his pictures. As I write that I think it's funny to think about my almost-93 year old grandmother being annoyed by something on my dad's face 60-something years ago.


Megan said...

I wish I had a picture of you mad oven door skills. I was impressed. I also can't wait to be rid of that oven. Only a little over 1 week till I don't ever have to open it again!

chelsea said...

First of all, you do NOT have a fat face.
Second, looks like a great weekend.
Third, we had Zac's pic taken with a big 'ol nose scrape once... I kinda like it. Because it's him. Poor kid is accident prone meets crazy danger... bad combo.

Kase and Jules said...

love your blog! and i agree...you look fab in every pic i see of you fool!