Monday, August 30, 2010

Milk: Part 2

You know how you get into the routine of something and then it's easy to do? You exercise every day and then that's just what you do. You exercise. Or you get your lunch ready the night before work so you're not rushed in the morning. It's hard to remember to do it when you start, but then it just becomes part of your bedtime routine.

I think I got out of the routine of blogging when my life was taken over by the hutch redo. It's easy for me to blog a lot when I'm in the routine of blogging. When I was covered in sawdust and inhaling toxic fumes I got used to not writing though, so recently I've been getting into bed every night and remembering the blog for the first time since the night before. Then I think, hmm, maybe I'll deal with that thing tomorrow.

Or, maybe I can't blog because my house looks like this on a daily basis:

Whatever the reason, I'm going to get back into the routine. Starting with this little peach of a story.

We went grocery shopping last week. A gallon of milk was $2.19 and a half gallon was $1.00. We bought 2 half gallons of 2% for Spencer and 2 half gallons of skim for the adults. We came home, unloaded the groceries, put everything away and went about our lives. Until 14 hours later when I walked into the laundry room and saw this sitting on top of the washing machine. $4.00 worth of milk was dumped down the drain. Then Spencer and I went back to the grocery store and bought 4 more half gallons of milk.

It was pitiful.

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chelsea said...

UGH that is so frustrating!!!