Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vermont- The Last Day

The last day was a boring travel day. We needed it after the bloody masacre of a night we had the night before. We got up and got ready and let Spencer sleep until the very last minute. He ended up only sleeping 8 hours. He generally needs 10- 11 to have a good day.

We got to the airport and took some last minute pictures.
3 generations

4 generations Michael's dad has an artificial ankle. It triggered the metal detector and then they had to pull him aside for a wand check. Then they tested his hands and he showed up positive for something. We still don't know what. Then they checked all his bags before finally clearing him. When we got home we had TSA notes in ALL of our suitcases saying they had been checked. Remind me not to fly with him again.

Spencer slept on my lap/ chest the whole way from Burlington to Detroit. It was like old times.

He was a happy boy, despite the stitches, on the way from Detroit to Phoenix.

I am so glad to be done blogging the trip. Now I can start blogging about:

1) Spencer getting his stitches out
2) Spencer starting school NEXT WEEK
3) My new job
4) My longing for fall like weather and how I have this longing every year about this time, yet I never seem to learn that we don't have fall in Arizona.
5) Along those same lines, fun plans for the fall. Corn dog at the State Fair anyone?
6) Upcoming birthdays- my 31st, Spencer's 3rd

Any requests for blogs? Anyone want more pictures of Ginger?


Michael said...

Notice who he's sitting next to on the plane when he is really happy.

Maryellen said...

I would like to see Ginger in a bikini.

Team Eliza said...

I wouldn't mind a little recap of Ginger's life while you guys were off galavanting around the East Coast. Did she have any new adventures . . . meet new friends . . . . eat food left on the sidewalk?