Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vermont- Day 6: Finally....Ben and Jerry's!

The day started with a drive to Burlington. We went to Shelburne Farms, a 1400 acre working farm, with Michael's parents, Raymond, Jenn and their 3 kids.

We saw lots of cute animals.

Spencer totally milked this cow, without hesitation. We were surprised and proud.
We saw cheese being made. We got to sample cheese too. No picture, because who would bother with the camera when there is yummy cheese to be eaten.
More pigs
I don't know that La Leche League would be cool with the cleanliness of this mother/baby nursing.
Spencer chased about a billion chickens. Bryant found an egg, but I was not camera ready when it happened. I think I was chasing Spencer chasing a chicken.

After a yummy lunch it finally happened. We finally made it to Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury.

It smelled amazing inside. Like a combination of waffle cone and sweetened whipped cream.

Raymond looks like he's screaming at Spencer (and Spencer is really calm about the whole thing) but I just happened to click at the most awesome point in the fake bite.
Cameras were not allowed during the actual tour. Our guide even made a pretty lame joke about spies from Haagen Dazs. The most important thing for you to know is that there is a (big) free sample at the end. The sample of the day when we were there was Boston Cream Pie. It's new for 2010. It is DELIGHTFUL.
My boys definitely liked it.
Michael posed with his favorite flavor in the flavor hall of fame hallway.
Spencer and Alyssa
Cameron and Bryant
Cameron and Bryant
Ben and Jerry's has something like 300+ discontinued ice cream flavors. About 30 of these flavors have the special distinction of having a headstone in the flavor graveyard. I took pictures of the flavors I thought were interesting.

After we left Ben and Jerry's (and cried a little bit) we went back to Jenn's parents' house. The live about 20 minutes from the factory. Lucky them. We spent the rest of the day swimming in their refreshing pool, playing on the grass, eating and drinking. No pictures. I was too busy enjoying myself and dang it if we haven't hired that full time photographer yet.


lady of leisure said...

First, Tyler has the same Froot Loops Tshirt. Second, I notice the Froot Loops tshirt was changed sometime between farm and Ben and Jerry's - explanation please :). Third, Ben and Jerry's - YUM!!!!

Only I kinda find it weird that the free sample at the end is just one kind, whatever it is that day. Not like when we went to the Nestle factory in Switzerland and the sampling room was giant with just about every kind of chocolate imaginable in it.

chelsea said...

1. I love pigs :)

The GVZ's said...

Oh man, I loved Holy Cannoli. No idea it was discontinued TWELVE years ago. I am behind on my B&J eating!

Team Eliza said...

I am sooooooo jealous. I truly {heart} Ben and Jerry's. I am a Chunky Monkey fan - which is what you will turn into if you eat too much!

Also in my single days I often referred to B&J as the only two men who had never let me down!