Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday 2008. We went to Josh and Amy's house.

This is why we didn't really go anywhere for like 8 months after Spencer was born. He was just too overwhelmed when we left the house. Superbowl Sunday 2009. We let Spencer play with every toy in the house to keep him occupied while the game was on. It was the first time I let him watch TV.

Superbowl Sunday 2010. Spencer wore a shirt with footballs. He ate cheese while saying cheese. Oh the irony.
Josh and Amy came to our house this time. Spencer is OBSESSED with Josh and Amy. He talks about them all day every day. I told them we're going to take out a restraining order against them, but the truth is, they need to get one against Spencer.
Ginger looked a little sassy.
Amy helped Spencer peel an orange. He was in heaven.
Amy is 7 months pregnant. That black shirt is hiding a very adorable baby boy bump. We can't wait for Superbowl 2012 when their baby is almost 2 and Spencer is 4.5.
Spencer spent a suprising amount of time hiding in the corner playing with the electrical cords. Surprising because it took away from Amy and Josh time.
What a BIG difference 24 months makes.

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Michael said...

It's too bad we didn't have any bacon bits on the potato skins.