Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday

January 30, 2007

I put that date in big, bold, red print so no one would mistake this for current news.

January 30th. 2007. The day we found out our lives would be changed forever.

Michael was pretty pleased with his masculinity.

I obviously do not have a picture of the embryo that would grow into Spencer. This is the best I could do. A 3 week old embryo looks a lot like a rooster.
1 year later, January 27, 2008, that embryo had grown into a pretty good looking baby.
And 1 year after that, January 25, 2009, that baby was growing into a darn good looking toddler.
I thought about including a current picture, but didn't because 1) it's a flashback and 2) it's not like I haven't already posted 10,000 recent pictures of Spencer.


The Yager Family said...

Isn't that positive test just such an amazing moment?

Maryellen said...

I love that you took a picture of your pee stick. It was also very smart of you to bold the title of this post.

Laura said...

Seriously, you gave me a heart attack - I totally skipped over the date and saw the test and almost swallowed my tongue.