Sunday, December 20, 2009

My brother is home!

Nick has been out to sea since August. Do you remember when I posted about the double birthday party? It was a long time ago. He left BEFORE that.

Spencer was pretty happy to see his uncle, although Uncle Nicholas still hasn't quite figured out how to hold a baby/toddler.Nick was supposed to be home on Friday. He missed his connecting flight, though, and got stuck in Brazil for 24 hours. He finally made it to Tucson 7.5 hours before the start of the big Christmas party he throws with Nathan every year. The party was at Nick's house. Nick's house where Nick hasn't been since it was 112 degrees. It was like a bad movie plot.

Everybody rallied though and put a nice party together. Here's the first of about 2,225 pictures of us in front of a tree that will be taken during this next week. I will be sure to share them all with you. And yes, this is the 1,750th event I have worn this dress to this fall/winter. I'm stuck in a rut.


Team Eliza said...

You guys look great and Spencer's sweater vest is just too cute! Hope you guys have a great holiday!

Maryellen said...

I don't think anyone would ever dispute that Nick is your brother. It's great he's home.

You and your family also look spectacular by the Christmas tree.