Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was going to do a Flashback about the Christmas decorations that Michael and I had in our first apartment. Unfortunately, we're having Walgreens refill our ink cartridges right now and our stupid printer won't let me scan pictures without the cartridge in place. You don't need ink to scan, so I don't get it. Anyway, in lieu of the rather lame decorations from 2001 (maybe it's a good thing I can't scan after all), I have a mishmash of pictures from Spencer's 1st Pre-Christmas Season.

We took him to the mall for the obligatory picture with Santa.

This Santa suffers from poor body image and anorexia. Can someone get this Santa a platter of cookies and whole milk, stat? We took family pictures for the yearly Christmas card. Getting a 3-month old and a beagle to sit still, look at the camera and smile (at the same time) is next to impossible. No, it actually is impossible. Are they both looking at a baby Jesus we can't see? Our friend/photographer was trying to be artistic. This was a close second. Ultimately we had to go with the shot where at least one of them was looking at the camera. We also took Spencer's picture in his ADORABLE Santa suit to turn into an ornament. I wonder if he'll be so adorable when I'm forcing him to do this when he's 14. Isn't it cute?
I guess next week I'll do Spencer's 2nd Christmas. Maybe I'll throw some pathetic "Christmas in a 650 square foot apartment" pictures in for giggles.

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Maryellen said...

I didn't know you had turned Spencer into an ornament. He makes a really cute one.