Monday, December 21, 2009

December 20th

2008 2009
The first year I took this picture because I was bored and was trying to fill the time until Michael came home from work. The second year was to compare one year later. Now it's become a "thing" and I'll have to do it every year until Spencer gets married. Ay yi yi. What have I done?


The Yager Family said...

Ha ha ha! I can't wait to see year 12 through 18 or so... oh the look on his face will be classic!
Super cute!

Maryellen said...

I love this tradition!

lady of leisure said...

Yeah, good luck with years past 10 I would imagine :)

Chelsea's Mom said...

I definitely think you need to keep it up....the teens will be rough, but when he is all grown up he will embrace it!