Tuesday, December 29, 2009

8 years



12/29/09 I've decided that I'm NOT old. I just got married freakishly young. Like Chelsea said in her comment: I was 12.
We had a lovely anniversary. We went to dinner at House of Tricks. I agree that it sounds like we dined with prostitutes. House of Tricks is actually a quaint French/Southwestern Fusion restaurant in an old house. It's owned by the Tricks family. Spencer did not join us. We took these before we left.
I forgot to tell you a hilarious story from Christmas Eve. It's definitely a never before.

These are my new shoes. I bought them at Target for $12. I had been wearing them for the first time for about 1/2 an hour when I was making the final dinner preparations at Nick's house. I opened the refrigerator door and, what the hell, an entire shelf from the door fell out and hit the floor. A pickle jar shattered during the fall and one single dill pickle slice fell on top of my left shoe. It was hilarious. We should have taken a picture, but there was the little issue of glass and pickle juice all over and the appetizers still needed to be put out.

So, just for you, I recreated the event using My Fantasy Maker. I'm so glad I shelled out $19.80 for this program. Enjoy. P.S. Since I removed the pickle slice immediately and did not stop to take a real picture, I saved the shoes from smelling like pickles for eternity.


The Yager Family said...

Those wedding pics are priceless! You ARE babies!
Happy Anniversary... may your next 8 years be full of laughs, maybe another (hopefully not as colicy) baby, and pickle free shoes!

Maryellen said...

Eight years, congratulations! You guys look even better eight years down the road than you did as puppies.