Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween '09

To start with, this picture was taken last Thursday. I took Spencer to story time at the library and he wore his Halloween shirt. It was his only opportunity to wear it because, silly me, I bought a Halloween shirt with long sleeves. It had been too hot to wear it before Thursday.

We went down to Tucson on Friday night and spent the weekend there. After Spencer's nap on Saturday afternoon we carved the 3 pumpkins that we had bought at the Pumpkin & Chili Party.
What's that stuff in there?
They came out pretty good. The one on the left is a mischeivous prankster, the baby one is just polka dots and the one on the right is a pig. Before getting into costume and trick-or-treating, we ate dinner. Spencer had olives for the first time. Ahh, there is nothing like eating olives off your fingers. And here he is, Superman. I went as Superman's mother and Michael, appropriately, went as Superman's father.

My mom was afraid that Spencer was going to trip on his costume so Superman got some high water pants.
Even Superman gets lost in deep thought from time to time.
Ready to save the day.
I've got this pumpkin, now show me some candy.
The jack-o-lanterns looked great. I don't have a fancy camera for taking pictures in all sorts of different lighting so this picture doesn't do them justice.
We only took one picture of the actual trick-or-treating and it's not that great. After we were done we went to my grandma's to show her Spencer's costume.
After that we went to Michael's parents house where I neglected to get any pictures at all.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween filled with candy and fun!

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The Yager Family said...

So cute! Great pumpkins too :)