Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We went to the Tucson zoo with Chelsea and her kids on Sunday morning. I didn't take a ton of pictures. Going to the zoo and taking lots of pictures is not really a feasible task. You're just too busy making sure your 2-year-old doesn't climb into the pool with the polar bear and doesn't start throwing crackers at the monkey and doesn't wander off and get kidnapped by some weirdo.
I did get this very cool shot of the rhino. I like how rhinos look like they have fake skin made out of plastic.

Now would be a good time to explain the title of this post. Ger is what Spencer calls giraffes. Gers are his favorite right now. Spencer actually does have a shirt with a giraffe on it, but we didn't bring it to Tucson. He wore his gorilla shirt instead. You never know if you might meet a gorilla face to face at the zoo. It would be a shame to hurt his feelings because you don't have a shirt with his likeness on it.This particular shirt has the front of a gorilla on the front and the back of a gorilla on the back. Creative people work at Carters.
The zoo had a big Halloween party so we took pictures with some of the decorations. We also went on the train.Spencer and Zac have the same hat. What can I say? Their mothers have a good sense of style. This is the BEST picture EVER. Let me interpret the thoughts of each of them.
Spencer: What in the hell is this kid doing?
Zac: Just a little further and I can reach the faux vegetable cracker.
Lilly: What is going on over there? We’re supposed to be posing for a picture. Geesh. Boys. Lilly posing like an angel. Spencer looking sheepish. Zac still working for that snack.
Lilly and Spencer slightly annoyed and Zac reveling in his vegetable stick cracker.
Thanks Lilly, Zac and Chelsea for a great zoo adventure.


The Yager Family said...

Ha ha ha I am cracking up at the thoughts of the 3 kiddos... I think you are dead on! We had so much fun!

Maryellen said...

Fun! I just learned that Gers have high blood pressure.

Chelsea's Mom said...

Those are hysterical pictures! Lilly calls giraffes "raffies", so together with "ger" you get pretty close to the real word!