Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today is my mama's 60th Birthday. I think she is spending the morning painting baseboards and the afternoon judging the spelling bee at her former school. Happy birthday indeed. I don't feel too bad for the lack of glamour on her actual birthday, though, because she had a pretty spectacular party for herself on Saturday night.

Where should I begin? How about at the best part of any birthday party...the CAKE. It was dark chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream and chocolate ganache filling. This is the same cake that we had for the bottom tier of our wedding cake- just decorated differently.

We moved all the funiture in the living room and dining room and set up round tables. The centerpieces were left over from Nathan and Kendra's rehearsal dinner. Good thing my mom and dad have lots of closet space.
My dad served as bartender. I managed to not take a single picture of me and my mom together. I did get one of her with Spencer. Only women were invited to this party. Michael and Spencer actually left once the party started. My dad was there, but in a working capacity.

Some of the ladies enjoying themselves.

My mom hired a harpist to play lovely music during dinner. Barbara sang a couple of songs as a gift to my mom.
My mom with all her gifts. She's popular!
This is the only picture of me from the whole night. :(
We got our mom a 10-piece, handpainted Nativity set. It's gorgeous.
My mom and dad are going on a cruise to the Panama Canal in a couple of weeks. It apparently has nothing to do with my mom's birthday. This is the part of the party where my dad announced that his gift to my mom is a trip to Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Then this is my mom announcing that after that trip, they are going to take a trip to Poland.
My brothers and I have a message for our parents: Stop spending our inheritance on international travel.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


Chelsea's Mom said...

Your mom looks wonderful! What an exciting year they are sure to have

The Yager Family said...

Wow! Looks like a great party and good for them for so much travel! I dream about one day being able to travel... your parents have earned it!
Happy Birthday to your mom!

lady of leisure said...

It is awesome that your parents will be traveling so much! I know I already had my share, but I look forward to 25 years from now when we can start again.