Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scaredy Cat

Over the weekend I realized that something about the living room just wasn't working. I decided to move some funiture around in order to fix it. I basically just switched the King Chair with the loveseat and then angled the King Chair to face the TV.

This is before.

This is after.

You can't really tell in the picture, but it made a huge difference. Job well done.

While moving the funiture I accidentally bumped the carbon monoxide detector and it beeped. Ginger is afraid of anything that beeps. She crawls up from the end of the bed to cuddle with me when my alarm goes off in the morning. She goes in for 10 sessions of psycho-therapy when the smoke detector beeps to indicate low battery. She attempts suicide when the smoke detector actually goes off.

Unfortunately I hit the monitor twice, so she was beside herself with panic. What a chicken. Her solution to the beeping mania was to crawl into Michael's lap. This is Michael's "I'm not amused by the dog on my lap or my wife taking pictures" look. It took her quite a long time to recover.
No post on "A Beagle and A Baby" would be complete without the baby.

Spencer, looking like a bobble-head. And like a prisoner in standard issue prison stripes.

If you look closely you will see that I cut the feet off his jammies. That boy just doesn't go for the footy pajamas.


Maryellen said...

Great job on the chair switch.

Today is the first day Spencer has ever disturbed me...I can't believe he doesn't LOVE footy pj's.

Laura said...

I saw those pj's at Kohl's this weekend and they were being modeled on this little plastic baby form thing, not a manequin, just a form of a body. It's funny cause they got that form thing right on- it's a perfect match.

I like the living room much better, and the comment about Michael and the picture taking cracked me up!@!@!@

Anonymous said...

In my old apt, the smoke detector was directly above the stove. Literally, EVERY time I cooked it would go off. And Duncan was petrified! He was bolt into the bedroom & try to cram himself under the bed. Now he associates any sort of cooking with that beep, so he now hides any time we use the stove or oven! -Megan