Monday, October 5, 2009

Holiday Decorations: The Fall/Halloween Edition

I was good and waited until October 1st before I broke out the fall and Halloween decorations. The first thing I did was take some stuff outside to put by the front door.

I hung this wreath.

And added this mini scarecrow. Spencer saw me taking stuff outside and thought he should help too. His contributions to the holiday decorating were his chair, 2 pairs of my shoes and the wreath container.

The family room looking into the dining room.

The inside of the front door. The hallway closet.Looking from the front door into the dining room. The left dining room server. Fall colors! Love it! The right dining room server. Our bedroom doors. Some night, very soon, I'm going to be walking out to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink and this scarecrow is going to FREAK ME OUT. Side of the kitchen cabinets. As I was taking down our "regular stuff" and storing it in the guest room closet I was thinking that it will be 2010 before I put the "regular stuff" back out again. Fall/Halloween will go into Fall/Thanksgiving which will go into Christmas. I love holiday decorating but I also like it once everything is over and put up and the regular stuff comes back out.

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Team Eliza said...

Everything looks great - perhaps I need to hire you . . . . my house is no where near as festive.

PS I love Spencer's contributions