Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Behavior

Spencer and I go to a mommy and me gym class on Friday morning. Last Friday, while driving home, I was making a mental list of everything I needed to do before we could leave for Tucson. I needed to make lunch for the 2 of us, eat lunch, get Spencer down for a nap, wash and dry 4 loads of laundry, put up the laundry, start the dishwasher, change the sheets, pack all of our stuff and load the car. Writing "pack all of our stuff" sounds like an easy task, but it's really quite hard. We need to take clothes, books, toys, diapers, eczema stuff (a whole bag is dedicated to just that) and a whole bunch of other stuff that is too boring to name but that takes me a heck of a long time to pack.

So anyway, I had little time to waste in order to get us on the road. Then we get home. Then I realize that Ginger has somehow found mud in our backyard (???), dug in the mud, gotten covered in mud and tracked mud throughout our house. So in addition to all the other stuff on my list, I now also had to bathe the dog, scrub the tub after bathing the dog, wash all the towels used in drying the dog, vacuum the tile with one vacuum, vacuum the carpet with another vaccum and use stain remover to remove the mud stains.

Thanks a lot Ginger. I wasn't pressed for time or anything.

Note: I wrote this on Sunday night. On Monday morning I discovered the "why" of Ginger's mud adventure. She was trying to hide the evidence (the plastic bag) after eating 6 bagels that she swiped from the counter. So then I had to deal with a muddy plastic bag in the back yard. Bad, bad, bad dog!

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Maryellen said...

I think she's a little proud of herself. ;)