Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame

My dad is now a member. The induction ceremony yesterday was lovely. There were over 500 people in attendance for 19 new inductees.

These are some of the photo highlights from the day.

Me and my dad

My dad and mom

Kendra and Nathan
Nick is out to sea right now. Last we heard he was off the coast of Brazil. I think we should photo shop him in and then this would be a great family picture.
The ceremony lasted 2 1/2 hours (including lunch). Spencer did a FABULOUS job. He never cried or complained or got whiny. We brought lots of books for him to read and lots of snacks to eat. Food and books- not a bad combo for happiness.
My dad with his entourage. They all drove to Phoenix from Tucson. Good friends.
My uncle Terry and aunt Karen. My uncle had eye surgery last week.
Nathan and my aunt Janis
Girl, my dad and mom
The 4 generations. I think Spencer is allergic to looking at the camera.
Lois and Jerry
My dad getting his medal from Governor Jan Brewer.
My dad and Jan (will I be arrested for referring to the Governor as "Jan"?) have known each other for a long, long time. My dad served 4 terms in the Arizona House of Representatives. She was elected right after he left. He continued to do a lot of lobbying though, so they have done a lot of legislative work together. We were joking that as she put the medal on him she whispered in his ear, "Hey Larry, I'm the Governor, what have you done with your life?"
Spencer clapped for every person.
After the ceremony Spencer and I rushed home and I got him down for a nap. Then everyone came over and we had a champage toast.

Later that night my mom and dad, Nathan and Kendra and me, Spencer and Michael went out for ice cream. No pictures though. Too busy eating. I got peppermint candy cane. The holidays are here!

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The Yager Family said...

Yea! Congratulations to your dad - it looks like a lovely ceremony!