Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spencer's Room

This was Spencer's room on the day I started packing it. I took these pictures and then started throwing things into boxes.

We got the room painted two weeks before Spencer was born, but he was 11 months old by the time we got the border done. What can I say- we thought we had four more weekends before he was born. And once he was here we never seemed to have the time and the motivation at the same time for such a project. No, Spencer doesn't actually sleep in this twin bed. His crib is still in our room. That might be shocking to some people, but it actually works out very well for us. At least he is no longer on my chest or in our bed all the time. Since we were moving and couldn't take the border with us, and since all the other jungle stuff was part of the crib set and getting to be a bit babyish for our big boy, I was considering completely changing the theme of Spencer's room. I didn't care as much about the theme as I did the colors. I wanted something more lively and vibrant. What I found that I liked the best is actually called Safari. Essentially it's the same as Jungle. We still have lions and zebras and elephants. I think it looks more mature though. And it definitely has color. Any ideas on how I can take the ice igloo tent and make it appropriate for Safari?

The little bistro set/diaper genie corner. Charming.

I'm really loving the colors. It's hard to see it in this picture but this is the frame and mat that we had at Spencer's 1st birthday. Everybody wrote a message to him. I stole that idea from Chelsea.
The IKEA shelves that I love. They used to be on different walls but I kind of like them stacked like this. Spencer's chalk art. I even have a perfect spot to display all his 2nd birthday cards. Would it be weird to leave them up all year? Tomorrow: the playroom/den

P.S. On a totally unrelated subject. It's SEPTEMBER. YIKES! In 3 months it will be appropriate to decorate for Christmas. I say this because I was at Michael's Arts and Crafts on Saturday and saw a woman buying an evergreen wreath decorated with ornaments. Really? I guess I can't judge since I did buy a Halloween decoration in July.