Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flashback Wednesday

I didn't have the blog for our birthdays last year, so I never got to share these pictures with the world. I did email them so I apologize if this is repetitious. It's been a year though and I'd be hard pressed to identify pictures I saw a year ago.

My 29th birthday. We ate dinner at home, I opened presents and then I worked until the wee hours of the night/morning getting ready for Spencer's party the next day. I never did eat that cake.

Ginger looks freaked out. Is she afraid of the giant bag that contained martini glasses? Anyone want to come over for an espresso martini or a cosmopolitan? I still haven't used those glasses. I remember thinking last year that Spencer was such a big boy. He looks like a newborn here compared to this year. The growth and development in the first 2 years really is remarkable. It's hard to see, but the microwave clock says 12:11, the exact time of his birth. I was going to do this picture again this year, but lo and behold....I forgot. The cupcakes and car cakes I worked on until all hours of the night. Ginger waited until right before the party started to eat 3 of the cars. She's lucky I like her.

Spencer's first ever taste of cake.

Spencer started walking a week after he turned one. I'll try to remember to do a Flashback about that in a couple of days. It's like a totally flashback week.

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Maryellen said...

You are so talented Girl! You definitely are the Martha Stewart of the southwest like Brendan described you all those years ago.