Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah, I did it

I went back to Sam's Club and bought two more outfits. I guess we'll just add these to the pile of birthday presents too. I read somewhere that the average kid only gains between three and five pounds between ages two and three. I can gain three pounds at dinner, so that seems incredible to me. I just figured out that Spencer gained 15 pounds his first year and (as long as he doesn't drastically gain or lose much in the next month) 8 pounds his second year. If that data about the three to five pounds is correct, these should last all winter.

Can't resist clothes with monkeys.

This outfit is just like his moose outfit from last year. Except it's blue instead of brown and with blue/green plaid instead of brown/white plaid and with a polar bear instead of a moose. But other than that, exactly the same. I don't know what happened with the lighting in this picture, but the baby and the outfit are still cute.


Team Eliza said...

LOVE the monkey outfit - too cute!

Maryellen said...

I get very happy for kids who have parents like you!