Monday, August 3, 2009

The moose is loose

I turn 30 and Spencer turns 2 in a little over a month (September 5 and 6, respectively). Last week we were at Sam's Club buying food and I found this adorable outfit. Sam's Club sells Carter's clothes (which I LOVE) for way cheaper (which I LOVE even more) than at Carter's or at Target. I know it's silly to buy winter clothes in July, but I couldn't resist. I rationalized the purchase by saying that we can always give it to Spencer as a birthday present. Don't tell him, OK.

There is a long standing joke about the Blue Moose in my family. It dates back to before my parents were even married. It started with a Blue Reindeer and over the years has morphed into a Moose. Ask my dad or my Aunt Karen about it. In fact, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Terry gave Spencer this moose outfit (also Carters!) for his 1st birthday last year. It came in a moose lunchbox (Carter's of course) with an honest to goodness Blue Moose. What an awesome gift.

How could I not buy something with a Moose in a Blue Sweater? He's essentially a Blue Moose. Plus, we're thinking about going up to Flagstaff in October during my fall break. Spencer will definitely need warmer clothes if we do that. So, although he won't need warm clothes here until well into November, I might go back and get some of the other incredibly cute outfits I saw. Don't tell Spencer or Michael, OK?

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Maryellen said...

That's extremely adorable. I'll keep your secret. :)