Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The damn tree

The tree formerly known as "my mother's day tree" has a new name. We now call it "the damn tree". As in, "the damn tree fell over again".

The day we left for Pinetop our air conditioner broke. The day we got back and had it fixed the toilet started leaking and the eucalyptus tree in the front yard got blown over in a monsoon. The next day my mother's day tree got blown over in the back yard. There were a lot of words that needed to be censored coming out of the mouths of the adults in this family.

We re-staked the tree in the front yard and it has been fine since. The damn tree in the back yard is another story. The picture above shows the original fall to the South. We put it back up, had another monsoon and the damn tree fell to the North. We put it back up and then a mouse burped in the backyard and it fell to the East. At this point we were talking about ripping the tree out of the ground and feeding it to a wood chipper. "The damn tree" was the PG version of the words we had for this tree.

This is our latest solution. We drove four metal stakes into the ground, wrapped the wire with rubber hoses to put around the trunk and then thread the wire through holes in the stakes. It's lasted for a week now. We were afraid that Spencer would trip on the stakes or decapitate himself on the wire so we marked everything with red yarn. Spencer hasn't had a problem, but both Michael and I have run into the damn wires and stakes. I hate everything about this tree. The tree never had a chance to fall to the West so I may very well be posting a picture of a pile of logs before the end of monsoon season.

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Maryellen said...

I too hate those trees. We have one in our front yard and have been through everything you've described. They are terrible.