Friday, July 10, 2009

The Trip: Day 3- 4th of July in San Diego

Saturday morning was beach day for us. Unfortunately for you, we didn't take the camera with us because of my paranoia about someone stealing it out of the beach bag while we were in the water. It was one of those days where having a photographer on staff would have been good.

This is what Spencer looked like right before we left. He is an All American Boy indeed.

Jump ahead about 4 hours and we're back at the hotel having a picnic lunch before nap time. After the nap we went to Old Town for a Mexican Fiesta dinner. The mariachi's came over to our table and asked if we wanted them to play something for the baby. I said they could play whatever they wanted. Of course they played "It's a Small World". I almost called my dad so he could listen too.

The funniest event of the whole trip happened right after I took that picture. Do you see the palm tree in the background? The one on the right. So, I'm enjoying my delicious burrito and I look up just in time to see a little boy, about 5 years old, drop his shorts and underwear and pee all over the tree and flowers. I tell Michael that a small child is peeing all over the garden and just as he's turning to look, the boy's mom comes over, screams, starts swatting his butt and pulls up his shorts. He wasn't quite done peeing though (he was interrupted after-all), so he finished in his shorts. I felt really bad for the mom because I can, god forbid, see that being me and Spencer in about 3 years.

My best attempt at getting father and son in their matching shirts.

After dinner was a big moment in Spencer's young life. He got to eat his first ever piece of candy- a piece of taffy from the Old Town Candy Shop. Hmmm. I think I like it. Yes, I'm sure this is fabulous. Give me that wrapper mama. I'm digging in. After the Old Town adventures we drove to Mission Beach to watch the fireworks. Well, Michael and I watched the fireworks. Spencer crawled around on the grass and played with the beach towels. I had a great idea to get a picture of Spencer with the fireworks going off behind him. I can still picture it in my mind. Unfortunately, the fireworks, the small child and the camera were not in sync and the picture was a no-go. Instead you can enjoy the picture of my patriotic flip-flops.

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