Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bistro Set

Michael's parents were here for a weekend visit. They were our baby-sitters on Saturday night and then we all went to IKEA on Sunday.

Michael and his mom checking out the chairs.

Michael's dad is still in a cast after his ankle surgery. Spencer hitched a ride with him in the wheelchair. We want to take Papa and a wheelchair everywhere we go now. Spencer enjoyed it way more than his stroller or the cart. On the list of things we wanted was a little table and chairs for Spencer. We bought this children's set, but I prefer to think of it as a bistro set. It sounds more elegant. I have a lot of extra random fabric that I use for random projects, so I made a little tablecloth. We bought these cute little chair cushions too. I think it looks really nice. It blends in better than other kids tables I've seen. So we just bought two new chairs for Spencer. It's nice to see him sitting on the back of his truck.


Team Eliza said...

Eliza has the exact same table . . .got to love Ikea. . . .I painted hers white and it looks really cute. We call table the mucnchkin furniture but I like bistro set better!

The Yager Family said...

Cute table! So funny about Spencer sitting in his truck instead :) Lilly LOVES her table and gets so much use out of it! I'm sure Spencer will do the same!