Friday, June 26, 2009

List Friday

Smells that evoke a strong response (good or bad) in me:

#1) Moonlight path lotion
I bought the entire line (lotion, spray, bath gel, etc) of moonlight path from Bath and Body Works because I loved the way it smelled. I started using it and a couple of days later I got the flu. After that the smell of this lotion on me makes me want to throw up. I get nauseous and dizzy. I ended up giving everything to my mom. The smell on her makes me happy.
#2) Pampers Swaddlers
When Spencer was born he was so tiny the only diapers that fit him were Pampers Swaddlers Newborn. The smell of those diapers (new- not used!) makes me feel simultaneously thrilled (I have a baby!) and a little sick to my stomach (Oh my god! I have a baby!).
#3) This Autumn Centerpiece
Every fall I use this dish, these candles and these scented beaded vegetables to create a centerpiece. I had my tonsils taken out in October, 2003 when this centerpiece was out in the house. Everytime I smell it I feel pain in my throat and can taste my pain medicine.
#4) Carnation Instant Breakfast
This is similar to the above smell. When I had my jaw surgery the only think I consumed for about 10 days was carnation instant breakfast. I couldn't chew for a month, but for those first 10 days even yogurt and pudding were too thick. I would gag on them and the muscles involved with gagging would trigger waves of pain over my whole head. I would drink carnation just so I could take my pain meds. I would set the glass on the table in front of me and then debate with myself for half an hour before starting to drink: should I chug it with A LOT of pain to get it over with or should I sip it with slightly less pain that lasted a lot longer? Just looking at this box makes my whole face hurt.
#5) Pert Plus shampoo plus conditioner
It reminds me of the first summer I went to YMCA camp. Apparently I used it while there.
#6) Revlon Moondrops Lipstick
My Gramme wore this kind of lipstick and all her kisses smelled like it. It's a very bittersweet smell to me. I feel sad and happy at the same time.

#7) Rain in the desert
It's a combination of dirt and creosote bushes. It reminds me of every monsoon season I experienced growing up in Tucson. Michael, who grew up in Vermont, hates this smell. I would bottle it and spray it all over my house and my body if I could.
What are the scents and smells that evoke strong responses in you?

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Maryellen said...

Your list is awesome. Too bad about Moonlight Path. I love the way it smells!

Country apple from Bath and Body Works takes me back to the summer of 1995 when I was going to summer school at Texas Tech.

I had just graduated from high school and I had bought the lotion and soap with some of my graduation money.

I also love the smell of cigars when I'm puffing on one. If I'm not puffing on one they give me a headache.