Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beautiful beagle, black eyes and bruised nose, penny loafers and yard work

Beautiful Beagle

I took this picture of Ginger on Sunday. Seriously, get this beautiful dog an agent because she belongs on a box of milk bones.

Black eyes and bruised nose

Spencer was running through the living room on Sunday night. Although we weren't in the room to see exactly what happened, we think he ran into the arm of the chair and then fell and hit his nose on the cinder block step by the doggy door. He got a big gash and immediately started turning black and blue. This is about 5 minutes after the incident. He woke up on Monday morning with two shiners. This picture is not the best but you can kind of tell that he is black and blue across his face. It looks worse in person. I took him to the doctor Monday morning and there are no broken bones or hematomas in his nose. Thank god. Penny loafers and yard work

Spencer was playing with his water table before dinner last night. He was soaking wet within minutes, so we stripped him down to his diaper before we ate. After dinner Michael went outside to mow the grass. Spencer saw this and started freaking out that he didn't have shoes on so he could join daddy. I couldn't find his sneakers, his crocs or his flip-flops and the best I could do with the time limitations imposed by a baby, were penny loafers. He went charging into the backyard (in just a diaper and penny loafers!), grabbed his wagon and started pulling it around the yard. I think he thought he was helping to mow.

Here's a good shot of the penny loafers. This just makes me laugh.
I got his lawnmower out so that the yard work was a little more legitimate, but the grass was too thick to push it.
The rocks got a trim though.


The Yager Family said...

That boy of yours is hysterical!
Although, I have to ask... what do you do to keep your grass green. I am SO frustrated with our backyard, which is big and full of potential, being full of weeds! Do you have a secret? Secrets don't make friends!

Team Eliza said...

I too am jealous of how GREEN your grass is! I water everyday but this Texas sun is destroying my lovely lawn.

I would buy milk bones if Ginger were on the box!

Hope Spencer is felling better - poor little guy.

Maryellen said...

Poor Spencer. You'll have to show him his shiner pictures when he's older. He'll think they're very cool.

I think Spencer's outfit to help with the yard work is awesome. That's too funny!